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Why Hotel Photography Matters to Hoteliers

According to Hospitality Net, after price, hotel photography is the single most important factor for travelers and prospects scanning OTA sites. In fact, your photography counts for a 65% weighting in that decision making process. And according to a recent Trip Advisor study, when people are deciding which property to book, pictures are more important to them than reviews. And good, well exposed colorful images keep peoples eyes on your property a lot longer.

With disruptive services and apps like Airbnb on the rise, cutting through the clutter is even more important if you want more bookings for your hotel.

Hotel PhotographyOne of the most important and easiest marketing investments any hotel or resort can make is for truly professional quality images to show off their property. Not only do you get a great ROI, but the effects are almost immediate. In as little as three weeks, we can shoot a whole new series of images for your property, or some fresh images to liven up your online presentation. If you are not moving forward, you are being left behind.

What We Offer

We serve a variety of architectural clients- from Realtors to interior designers, from home owners to builders who want to show off their work in the best light. One thing they all want- and we provide!- is high resolution, magazine quality real estate photos- quickly and affordably.

But not everyone that comes to us has the same photographic needs. Part of that is our job; to assess what you need, and the best way to get that to you. You also have a budget, and other constraints. We realize that. So we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

We have put together a few starting-point packages for photographing your hotel and spa properties. This should give you a good staring point for budgeting for the shoot.

No matter what hotel photography package you choose, we will furnish you high-quality images of your property. These are great for print- brochures, flyers and any other sort of marketing you may be considering.

Hotel Photography Packages

We offer a variety of hotel photo packages and add-ons, so you can get exactly what you- and the property– needs. If you do not see exactly what you want, let us know. We are always happy to accommodate what you need from your photographer. We are here to work for you!

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Why Choose Us

The Internet is driving a fundamental shift in the US economy, and it is having a profound effect in the real estate industry. With the rise of apps like Airbnb, standing out from the pack is getting harder and harder. The rise of social networks such as Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest provides further proof that consumers demand a visually appealing online presence. Having a professional online presence- including quality photos- is a key part in driving your own success in that market.

Where are your customers? The Internet. And how do you best stand out to those customers? KILLER IMAGES. You have to grab them visually. You have to have dynamic and stimulating images. Look through our portfolio; do our images jump off the page to you? Do they look better than the images that you are used to seeing, or using? Then it is time for you to hire R\E Photography to update your online presence.


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