Why Aerial Photography

The new direction in property photography is up. Straight up. Aerial photography provides a new perspective on your property, and an interesting new look. If you want to stand out, or if you have something special to show, aerial may be just for you.

Using our flying cameras, can produce dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, mountain vistas and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors… Real Estate Aerial Photography is the next step in making your property unique and stand out on the MLS.

Aerial Photography Drone Photo

Drones give a unique and interesting perspective on real estate properties. They can give- in one shot- an overview of your company, or place your property in perspective of it’s surroundings.

Commercial Aerial Photography

If you need to show of your company then drone photography is the way to go. In a single shot, you can give an overview to who you are and what you do. Commercial Aerial Photography gives an eagl-eyed overview to your company’s physical presence, and shows who you are.

Commercial Aerial Photography

Drone Photography in Utah

Whether you need video or still photography, we can easily and effortlessly provide what you need. For video, we can output 4K or 1080p High Definition video. Our aerial image quality is indistinguishable from their ground-shot cousins… with a resolution of over 4000px, these images are high enough quality for any use- print or web.

To insure safe operations, our drone pilot is FAA Part 107 licenced, and insured for aerial photography. I am five star rated at Drone.IO, a professional organization of drone pilots.

Real estate aerial photography starts at 75 dollars for aerial images– and even less when combined with our top package! Commercial aerial photography starts at $150 an hour for stills.

For more information or to schedule an aerial photography shoot with us, please contact us today! Let us know what your needed are, and we will work with you to produce you the most amazing images.


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