Slot Canyon # 42

Artwork on Exhibition

This year, I decided to try something new. I was going to see if I could get some of my pictures on exhibition in a “real” gallery. So I sent off some images to four galleries in exhibitions that sounded interesting or seemed like be looking for my sort of work.

Then I waited.

A month later, I heard back from the first, the Waterloo Arts Festival in Cleveland Ohio. This looked like a fun event. I entered three pieces, but none were accepted into this juried event.

Snow Queen (deep in the forest)The next one I heard back from was the Light Play exhibit at blue line arts in Sacramento (Roseville) California. I was happy to learn that I got a piece in! “Snow Queen (deep in the forest)” was accepted into this juried exhibition that runs June 6, 2016 – July 9, 2016. I ended up printing this on aluminum for an enhanced glossly look, a look I think will work well with this image. I hope if you are in the northern California area, you might want to go in and see my first image accepted to an exhibition.

Gnarled Tree On The PrecipiceI also entered a landscape photography show, this one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at White Stone Gallery. I entered 5 images into the Considering Creation Exhibition of Landscape Photography, to be held June 3 – June 24. The sub-goal of the show is to engage the viewer through content and aesthetics; to celebrate and examine the human experience through faith and beauty.

Imagine my surprise when I find out two pieces had been juried in to this show! One piece, Gnarled Tree On The Precipice, was shot mere weeks before the gallery even began accepting submissions. The second- Slot Canyon # 42 was shot just before Gnarled Tree…

As I looked down the final list, I saw three more of my pieces designated as 2016 Distinguished Mentions.

There is a is a fourth show, and the only one here in Utah, that I am still waiting to hear from. I am perhaps most excited about this show; I will post the results when I find out.

So it was a busy winter for me, shooting all these images. I am quite happy to see them being chosen for various shows around the country. Obviously, most of these will also be showing up in this year’s Utah State Fair.


dead horse pointI must say, this was the exhibition I REALLY was hoping to be included in. I just got the e-mail from Pictured: The West’s Most Spectacular National Parks– one of my images (you’ve seen it before!) was included in the show! The show is part of a year-long celebration of the hundredth year of our National Park Service. This exhibit will open to the public in St. George, Utah on June 11 and run through August 13th, 2016.

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