It’s a fact: In today’s busy, Internet-driven society, it is images that sell property. If your home isn’t represented online with high-quality, atttention-grabbing pictures, you might as not be selling at all. And if your images are not better than the rest- if they do not literally pop out of the MLS- you are still at a major disadvantage.

If you are ready to be best in class, you need to hire a best of class photographer who knows Real Estate and knows Photography: Award-winning R/E Photography

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According to Seattle-based real estate brokerage house Redfin Corp:


  • Higher quality photos gain anywhere between or $3,400 to $11,200 at closing
  • Higher-end Images tend to sell quicker
  • Your Online Images will be the first- and most often only– interaction with your potential buyers

iPhones have pretty good cameras in them. Really. But are they good enough to sell your property? When you have hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, isn’t it worth spending a little extra so your images are the best they can be?

Professional photography is more than just using a big SLR with a wide lens and a flash. In fact, the most important thing we bring to the table is not the gear we walk into your house with, but what we do to your pictures afterward. It is certainly where we spend most of our time on your photographs




An iPhone Image vs. What We Do
(Shot from exactly the same position)




Raw Photo vs. Our Final, Processed Image




Unlit, Unprocessed iPhone Photo vs. Our Final Professional Image

Why You Need A Real Estate Photographer...

You may think that pictures are pictures, and in many cases that may be true. But Salt Lake is a market on fire, and the Wasatch Front is growing at a phenomenal rate. You need your property to stand out. Here are some facts....

The NAR survey found that 24 percent of home buyers across the nation got their first glimpses of the home they bought online.

Further, the same NAR survey revealed that home buyers rated photographs as the most useful tool in their home search.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 83 percent of current home buyers use the Internet to research houses.

With the number of people moving to Utah from out of state, your pictures will be your first- maybe only!- point of contact.

Super hassle-free! One call (or e-mail) and we are on it. We take care of everything, and send you finished images- ready to post!

If you have no photos or your image quality is poor (too dark, unfocused, blurred or muddy), it can reflect poorly on your professionalism.

Photography is the central component of online home marketing, and the most important part of your online marketing plan.


If you want to sell your home quicker, and for more money, all you need to do is one thing: Click the button below. Give us a little information and we’re practically on our way. Our quick turn-around means the images will be in your hands within 48 hours of our arrival.


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