R/E Photography is the sole copyright owner of all images we shoot. When you hire us, you are purchasing a licence to use our images for limited use and time of use. You can always expand your use or license of our images, just let us know exactly your use and we can quote you the cost of expanded use.

MLS Licensing

Our typical licensing for Real Estate shoots allows the original client (purchaser) of our services to use the images on the MLS and associated websites only. Images may be used on brochures printed by the agent for the sale of the original property with prior notice to and consent of to R/E Photography. Images may be used on social media to promote the sale of the property on the agents, brokers or sellers accounts only. Images are licensed for one year of use, and must be relicensed for continued use. Licensing is non-transferable.

Images may not be used to promote the agent or broker, or on their website other than to show the property for sale.

Commercial Licensing

Commercial licensing covers a broader variety of uses, including unrestricted web usage and print use.