Nature Photography Winner

Nature Photography Winner

I entered an image I shot last July while on vacation with my family in Moab in the 2015 Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum. The exhibition ran February 26th through April 3rd. Just before the start of the exhibition, I got a call announcing that I had won an award at the show. I asked what I had won, and it turned out I placed first for the Dead Horse Gorge image.

Nature Photography WinnerThat same weekend I had also taken a sunrise shot at Monument Valley. My wife and daughter were not too happy with that image. We had to get up at 2 AM and drive a couple hundred miles to get that. So Dead Horse Point- being only ten miles from Moab- was much easier on the family!

We spend some fun times touring around the area, too. Arches is one of the most incredible places in Utah. We also spend some time in the Grand Escalante, which is just incredible. All of this inspired me to spend more time looking into landscape photography.

Getting back to the BYU Nature Photography Competition and Exhibition, there are some very incredible pictures, and I recommend you take a look at all the winners. Utah has a lot of talent in the photographic field, and it shows in this competition. How I placed first, I don’t know- there were a lot of incredible images in competition. Congrats to all who entered!

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