Bedrock Quartz

Commercial Photography

This was a project to accurately reproduce every type of stone and quartz counter-top the the company carries. Not only was accurate color needed, but accurate sizing was also required. Further, even and flat lighting was required; hot spots or dark areas were not an option. Each image was carefully shot with size scales and color chip charts to make sure the prints made from these photographs are the most accurate reproductions of the original stone possible.

Images shown are not the most pleasing, but show the breadth of the work we did- from shooting 10 foot slabs to 1 to 1 reproductions of the granite- every set of thee image shows the different versions of each piece we shot. Almost 100 different pieces were ultimately shot in this project. Images delivered were super-hi resolution for print, too- most at 36 megapixels. We also labeled each image with names and tags for easy seracing by the client.