So lets get the tour live!

First- OBVIOUSLY- you have to have the property on the MLS. Add your images, just asn you normally do, and do all that other fun stuff that makes it work.

You CANNOT add a tour until the property is posted and live on the MLS. So post the property.

Now log back in, and go to the “Edit Pictures” page and you will see this new window:

Now you have a “Virtual Tour” button (second row, left). Click this, and open a new window.

This will open this window:

Now you would THINK you choose us (RE Photography) from the drop down list for the tour provider for Tour 1…. but that is incorrect. Please choose “None” as the above image shows.

Under the next “No Vendor” section, we will enable Tour 2 which will be your tour.

Then add the links to the Matterport Tour we sent you, and save it.

Now your virtual tour is love! Congrats!


So you can do a LOT of customization of the website and marketing kit from your admin. In the e-mail you got, the bottom link is your “Admin”- you have to create a password to get in there. So do that please.

If you go to the SITE MEDIA  Tab, you can pick the images that show… or hide images you hate- just click on the “eyeball” to hide, or toggle to re-appear.

Click on the star to highlight… these will appear in the flyer and other places.

The SITE DATA is where you change or add information about your property. You can change the price, sq ft, etc…. you will probably want to change the Property Description, too, cuz I write horrible ones! 🙂

PRINT MEDIA will let you update and change the Flyers!

And the MARKETING KIT is all the fun things you can use to promote the proerty, including Social Media tiles, videos and other things!