Real Estate Photography Pricing

And How Much Will All This Cost?

What Do You Get?

As our pictures suggest, we are an award-winning, premium-level photography company. Many of the high-end features others charge extra for are details we include in our base package. What we do out of the box will surpass most other’s premium packages.

In addition to our magazine-quality imagery, we also give you a full marketing package. This makes our Premium Level Photography Package even more of a no-brainer for real estate professionals or those needing to make their properties stand out with a polished presence with a minimum of fuss. Our new, fully customizable marketing kit is now included in our premium package- and at no additional cost to you! Here’s what you get on every shoot:

  • All images shot by a five-time Best of State winning professional photographer
  • Your photographer is also your editor, so your special needs are seen to by the same person through the whole process
  • Magazine quality, natural looking images, not over processed HDR images
  • All images hand-color corrected, hand-squared and straightened
  • Aerial images included
  • Property Website included
  • Social Media Marketing Package
  • Customizable Flyers with your logo, picture and contact information
  • Teaser Videos (:30 sec, Facebook and Instagram formated)
  • Full Length Videos (Branded and unBranded, Easy upload to SLC MLS)

So what does all this cost? Well, we base our costs on a sliding scale set to your square footage. For a normal home, figure between $300 and $450 for 1700 to 3000 sq ft. If you want an accurate quote, please enter your address and building size into our online booking page. Don’t worry- you are under no obligation until you post your deposit. You can quit at any point before you submit payment, and no harm, no foul. Nothing is booked, and you are not charged a dime (amd we don’t harvest your e-mail so harass you, either). Conversely, if you don’t pay the deposit, you do not have a shoot scheduled.