Utah State Fair Photo Awards

One of my favorite competitions is the Utah State Fair. Its just fun- a state-wide competition against your neighbors. It is a great place to be recognized for the work you you…. in my case, for fun. The pieces I enter at the Utah State Fair are what I do to please myself. If I do well, great; if not, no big deal.

This year I entered five pieces. Well, six, really…. but I messed up number six and it was not entered into the actual competition. Some people call that disqualified. I guess. Of the other five, a waterfall I had a lot of faith in did nothing. The competition in Landscapes is VERY stiff, and when I saw what I was up against, I had to agree. My piece did not deserve to win. I had a second landscape in competition, in the Fine Art category. In fact, it was the Dead Horse Point piece that won at BYU that you may have already seen. It also was against a number of phenomenal pieces, and did not place.

Inversion - Utah State Fair Second Place

I piece I shot of my daughter at the Salt Flats placed second in the “Creatively Manipulated” category. However, it was shown upside down from what I intended. I am not sure if that effected the judging, but I think the piece is substantially different depending on how it is shown.
This next piece was a fun one to shoot. It was done at 5 am, and it was about 30 degrees outside. We shot this at the top of Guardsman’s Pass above Park City.

Jakob Jumping - Utah State Fair First Place

Utah State Fair Best Of Show~

This one was my favorite, though. I was really happy with it, but I just was not sure if the judges would dig it. I took a chance and entered it in Fine Art, against probably 50-100 other creative shots (including my own, previously mentioned Dead Horse Point piece.) As I looked through the entries, I was sort of disappointed- it did not place at all… But as I was leaving, I looked at the pictures at the front. There was my Ballet piece. It was Best of Show. I was humbled, to be sure. I love this shot!

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