Whether you are an owner or a management company, every single property needs photos. And not just photos, stand-out photos. You will be surprised just how affordable good Vacation Rental Photography pricing can be. According to a recent Trip Advisor study, when people are deciding which property to book, pictures are more important to them than reviews. Travelers rely heavily on the photos of a property when choosing where to lay their head each night while they are away from home.

Vacation Rental Photography pricingAnd most of the vacation rental property photos you see online are horrid. They are dark, uninteresting, and unappealing. The colors are unnatural and tinted yellow/orange. The windows are blown out. With high-quality photography, how easy would it be for your property to rise to the top against such ugly competition?

Your images say everything about your property to users on the Internet. Check your images- how appealing are they? Do they turn heads? Or does your property look like a cave? This is where we can really help you!

Vacation Rental Photography Pricing

Pricing is simple: $225.00 base fee, plus eight cents a square foot (1000 sq ft minimum charge). For example, a 2000 sq ft property in Park City will run you $385.00. That’s it- that will get you online with all new images.

Photography includes all rooms of the main property, including entry, living room, game/entertainment room, kitchen, dining room and all bedrooms- typically 2-3 shots per room. An assortment of exteriors and aerials (where appropriate and legal) are also included. We also include up to three stock photos of the area to include in your presentation (additional images available at a reduced fee, too).

Additional common rooms and other spaces beyond the main living space are $25.00-$75.00 additional (depending on lighting and time requirements), each image.

Twilight or blue-hour images are $275 for three images. This is a great option to really stop someone in their tracks online… our twilight images are award winning, and the work we are most proud of!

License includes three years unrestricted use in print and web, with renewal rights.

Whatever the size of the project, we can custom quote a project to meet your needs and your budget. We can turn around your Vacation Rental photography in as little as two weeks- faster with rush processing. High-quality, professional photos will show your property off much better than iPhone images. And it will visually demonstrate that you care about your property AND your guests’ experience at your property.

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