What Is Virtual Staging?

If you have a new property that you haven’t staged yet, and you don’t want to just show bare walls, we can virtually stage your property for you!

Lets face it, hauling 3-5 rooms of furniture in- and then out- of a property for a photo shoot is a giant hassle. And thats if you have the furniture to stage with. Plus you have to worry about design, and making it all look good together. Many people just settle for the blank-wall look. But you don’t have to!

Adding our virtual staging makes your property come alive to prospective clients, and shows stunning designs that attract buyers with ease.



What an improvement- modern furniture and design at the snap of a finger! And best of all- no hassle! These are not just stripped in images, these are realistic works of art matched in color, size and perspective to your rooms. We even add shadows to sell the illusion!

The difference is your home feeling stark or sterile and lived in and homey! You don’t want your property to look cold and hard…. or even abandon. Look at the difference in curb appeal that these images show- and which do you find more appealing?



So what does all this CGI work cost. Not all that much, especially in comparison to renting rooms and rooms of furniture, and paying to have it moved in (and then out again!). We charge fifty dollars an image for this high end treatment. Quite a bargain when to see how much appeal that fifty dollars adds to an image!



Ready For Virtual Staging?

Let's Make Some Incredible Images Together....


Let us know when you need us, and where. We’ll be right over!