Q.: Do we do any staging?

A.: No. We do photography only. If a property is not staged when we arrive, we will either shoot as it is, or come back for a later shoot depending on the Agent’s call. Reshoots may invoke a reschedule fee.

Q.: Who owns the rights to the pictures?

A.: We retain the copyright to the images unless special arraignments are made before the pictures are shot. The agent purchases limited use rights when they hire R/E Photographers SLC. The agent will own the rights to reprint all images furnished in unlimited media (print, web, video, e-mail) in any manner for two years or until the property closes, whichever comes first. The Agent is not required to link to or acknowledged R/E Photographers SLC in any reprints, and no watermarking of images will be done by R/E Photographers SLC.

Q.: What is our reschedule and cancellation policy?

A.: We understand in this fast-paced world, things happen. We would hope that you would give us notice as soon as you were made aware of a problem. But if a cancellation is made less then 24 hours from our appointment time, we will need to charge a $75 dollar cancellation/reschedule fee. If we arrive at a site and it is not ready for photography or we are locked out or otherwise unable to shoot, we charge $75.00 plus 50% of the quoted amount.

We cannot control the weather. If the weather is inclement, we will continue with all indoor shooting, and reschedule exteriors for the next clear day. There is no penalty for weather delays.

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