Property Preparation for Real Estate Photography

So you are selling your home, and you want everything to come off without a hitch. So do we. But this is a process you probably haven’t been through much, and it can be a little intimidating and scary. We want to help lessen the stress for you while you get your home ready. So here are some tips we have picked up over the years that we hope will help you sell your home.

First, know we are on your side, and we are on your team. I like to tell people if you don’t look good, we don’t look good. We are not here to cause you extra work, and we are not the enemy. We will help as much as we can. Please feel free to ask us questions- we want to work with you so we both look good! Most of the things you do with your property preparation for Real Estate Photography is common sense. But you may not think of some of these things. So here is a list to help you along with your property preparation. Also, here is a list AirBnB has prepared for making rentals look good– this is a great resource too!

Property Preparation for Photography

See how this roll of paper towels just stops you from looking at the room? THIS is what we need to avoid!

General Tips for Property Preparation for Photography

De-Personalize and De-Clutter

Preparing your property for real estate photography means letting the home’s intrinsic qualities—its light, architecture, and unique character—shine through, without the distraction of personal items. Remove family photos, political paraphernalia, and personal mementos to create a neutral space that invites potential buyers to envision themselves in the home. Think of presenting your home as a pristine, well-appointed hotel room—a clean slate that’s both inviting and refined.

This approach can be challenging, especially if you’re still living in the space or have children, but it’s a reliable strategy for making your property more marketable. Consider temporarily relocating to minimize personal influences on the home. Decluttering is not just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic move that can significantly impact your sale process.

Strategic Hiding Spots

Closets, utility rooms, and garages are ideal for stowing away day-to-day clutter, as these areas are typically outside the scope of my lens. However, it’s essential to consult with your Realtor® to confirm which spaces will be featured. Utilize these areas wisely to ensure your home appears both organized and spacious.

If your possessions overflow, consider a short-term storage solution. This step not only aids in decluttering but also simplifies your eventual move, embodying a proactive and organized approach to selling your home.

Focus on the Big Picture

When preparing for photography, prioritize major adjustments over minor details. While I strive for precision in every shot, remember that small imperfections are less noticeable than larger cluttered areas. This philosophy ensures an efficient preparation process, allowing you to focus on enhancements that truly make a difference.

Showings and Presentations

Maintaining the pristine condition captured in photographs for showings is ideal, though minor discrepancies are understandable. Ensuring your home remains presentable and closely aligned with its photographic portrayal is crucial for creating a consistent and appealing image to potential buyers.

What to Avoid Displaying

Certain items, such as personal photos, safes, and prescription medications, should be removed or concealed to ensure the security and appeal of your home. These precautions enhance the safety and marketability of your property, reflecting a thoughtful and meticulous preparation process.

Indoor Preparation

The key to successful real estate photography lies in meticulous decluttering and strategic presentation. From ensuring all lights are functional to decluttering living spaces and personalizing bedrooms, every detail contributes to the overall appeal of your property. Adopting an innovative and collaborative approach to staging your home can significantly enhance its attractiveness to potential buyers.

Outdoor Preparation

The exterior of your home is equally important, with vehicle placement, landscaping, and outdoor furniture arrangement playing critical roles in curb appeal. Emphasizing the importance of a well-maintained and inviting outdoor space can make a lasting impression on potential buyers, showcasing the exquisite and superior aspects of your property.

Limits of My Services

While I am passionate about capturing your home in the best light possible, it’s crucial that the property is photo-ready upon my arrival. My role is to photograph your home as it is presented, emphasizing the importance of prior preparation. Should your home require further preparation, rescheduling with an associated fee may be necessary. For any questions or adjustments, please contact us.

This guide aims to provide a collaborative framework for preparing your property, ensuring that every photograph showcases the innovative, artistic, and refined qualities of your home. By working together, we can create a compelling visual narrative that captivates and inspires potential buyers.