What We Offer

We serve a variety of clients- from Realtors to interior designers, from home owners who are selling to those who just want a good exterior shot of their house. One thing they all want- and we provide!- is high resolution, magazine quality real estate photos quickly and affordably.

But not everyone that comes to us has the same photographic needs. Part of that is our job, to assess what you need, and the best way to get that to you. But you also have a budget, and other constraints. We realize that. So we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

These are the real estate photo and video packages we have available for our photographer to shoot your Home and real estate properties. This should give you a good overview of the rates we charge for our Real Estate Photography.

No matter what real estate photo package you choose, we will furnish you high-quality images of your property. These are great for print- brochures, flyers and any other sort of marketing you may be considering.

You will also probably need lower resolution or lower sized images for the web. You may want 800 pixel or 450 pixel images. Bear in mind these are not lower quality- these arer the same high-quality images, just at a lower resolution for quicker downloads and easier e-mailing. We are happy to send you multiple images sizes for various usages at no additional cost. Just let us know what you need- or what you think you need- and we will help you get the exact images you require.

Real Estate Photo Packages

We offer a variety of real estate photo packages and add-ons, so you can get exactly what you- and the property– needs. If you do not see exactly what you want, let us know. We are always happy to accommodate what you need from your photographer. We are here to work for you!

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Real Estate Video Packages

Nothing makes a property come alive like a video walk-through. Give your clients a video tour of the property & sell quick! This is definitely a step up from a simple photo-only package, but it is definitely the way the market is turning.

For higher-end properties, video packages are a must. If you want to stand out, we can even add drone footage to your videos, and give a birds-eye view of your property. Now how many of your competitors do that? If you want to stand out and away from the pack, get a video package!

Video Packages

Saves You Time

What we do saves you time… and money. Learn how a well-designed media package gets you more clients, and faster sales! You do not even have to be at the shoot (though we do request you at least walk us through your properties).

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Why Choose Us

The Internet is driving a fundamental shift in the US economy, and it is having a profound effect in the real estate industry. Having a professional online presence- including quality photos- is a key part in driving your own success in that market. The rise of social networks such as Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest provides further proof that consumers demand a visually appealing online presence. Point-and-shoot images or home shots taken with an iPhone just cannot compete at this level. If they are used, they are costing you time and money.

Where are your customers? The Internet. And how do you best stand out to those customers? You have to grab them visually. You have to have dynamic and stimulating images. Look through our portfolio; do our images jump off the page to you? Do they look better than the images that you are used to seeing, or using? Then it is time for you to hire R\E Photography for your next home for sale.


Close Quicker!

Hire A Photographer

According to Seattle-based brokerage Redfin Corp., home listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR tend to sell quicker- and at a higher price!- than listing with images from photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras.

Those with higher priced homes feel showing those homes off in good light is important, and is worth the investment of good photography. And this showed at the closing: listings with higher quality photos gain anywhere between or $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices over homes shot with point-and-click cameras.

Photo Package Pricing

Intro Package
Impact Package
Deluxe Package

Video Package Rates

  • 2-3 minute final video
  • Aerial Exteriors
  • Video Exteriors
  • "Picture-Motion" Interiors
  • Copyright-free Music
  • Logo/Contact Info
  • Upgrade to Photo Package
  • Up To 3 Bedrooms included
  • Materials delivered electronically

  • :45-1:00 minute video
  • Exteriors ONLY
  • Aerials/High Angle
  • Color correct/Enhance
  • Copyright-free Music
  • Logo/Contact Info
  • 50% Off With Photo Package
  • Video Only (No Pictures)
  • Materials delivered electronically

Full Video
  • 3-4 minute video
  • Full-Motion Video Exteriors
  • Full-Motion Video Interiors
  • Aerials/High Angle
  • Color correct/Enhance
  • Copyright-free Music
  • Logo/Contact Info
  • Does NOT Include Photos
  • Materials delivered electronically

Video Deluxe Package
  • 20-25 pictures
  • 3-4 minute full-motion video
  • Complete Exteriors w/ Aerials
  • Interiors (4 Bed Max)
  • Aerials/High Angle
  • Color correct/Enhance
  • Copyright-free Music
  • Logo/Contact Info
  • Materials delivered electronically


Special flourishes you can add to your packages to personalize your property presentation.

Aerial Images: $74.95
Twilight Pictures: $84.95
Advanced Photoshopping: $125/hr
Virtual Staging: $74.95/Image
Additional Pictures (each): $7.50
Additional Pictures (10+): $5.50 each
Rush Processing (less than 24 hours): $75.00
Reschedule fee (less than 24 hours notice): $ 75.00

Additional Charges

Please note that we may need to apply additional charges that are not included in our base quote. These additional costs may not be known to us to accurately apply until actual shoot. These additional fees may include travel beyond 25 miles from Salt Lake City, same day photo delivery, excessive clean-up or staging for home or excessive waiting for property to be photo ready.

Any pictures beyond the scope of real estate photography will not be shot during a real estate session, so don’t ask. If you need a head shot, I would be happy to schedule a time for that in a studio, not on a location. I do not carry the necessary lighting equipment when shooting a home to also shoot portraits.

Please note that we expect the property to be photo-ready for the time you set your appointment for. If we must wait longer than 1/2 hour (30 minutes) after that set time at a site for it to be prepared (or to be let into the property), we add a 25% fee; if we must wait an hour, 50%; two hours or longer, or if the shoot is entirely cancelled, a 100% fee will be assessed. We reserve the exclusive right to kill the shoot after one hour or more of waiting, at our sole digression. Late or cancel/kill fees must be paid in full before new date will be scheduled.

Invoice is due and payable on receipt. Unless other and prior arraignments are made, we consider invoices overdue at 30 days, and grossly overdue at 60. Invoices overdue after 60 days will be charged an additional 1 ½ percent interest per month from day 61, compounded monthly or part thereof for each 30 day period overdue, backdated to invoice date. Additionally, licensing of images may be suspended if accounts are grossly overdue, and client may be charged additional usage fees if images are used.