If I had to pick one way for you to stand out photographically, it would be the inclusion of twilight images in your listing. Period, full stop. Please, run this experiment: look through all the newest listings on the SLC MLS and see which actually make you stop. Not just create interest, but grab your eye and MAKE YOU STOP.

Dollars to donuts, the images that really grab you are twilight images; pictures shot in that fleeting light between when the sun goes down and when the stars come out. These are not the easiest or fastest images to make, but when they work, they work better than anything else you can do in photography. If you want to get noticed, you want a twilight image.

Twilight ImagesIf you think twilights work well for the MLS, you should see how they work for commercial properties! Whether you want to show off your business, or an AirBnB or VRBO, a twilight is your ace-in-the-hole.

In today’s world, your website is your business, and how you present yourself online is saying something not just about how you want to be viewed, but also how you view yourself. You can get by with good images…. but what would it say about you if you had an image on your main page that took people’s breath away? What about a giant image of your main building behind the receptionist’s desk? That one image can say more to a client than just about anything else you can do.

For our commercial clients, we go far and away over what we do for MLS. We get you not just “a” sunset, but “the” sunset…. guaranteed! We remove all the distractions for an image- things like telephone poles, cars, and other buildings. We make the image about YOU. This is what we call a Hero image- it is the image that says who you are!