Affordable Hotel Photography Pricing

After many years photographing real estate all around Utah, it was only natural that we progressed into architecture and hotel imaging. With experience with many national brands as well as many local independent hotels and B & B’s, we can bring you quality and affordable hotel photography pricing that will meet all brand’s standards, as well as the photo requirements for sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and TripAdvisor.

Affordable Hotel Photography Pricing

Affordable Hotel Photography Pricing

One of the first things we discovered is that hotel photography is substantially different from other types of real estate photography. While you might think that a room is just a room- and to a certain extent you are right- hotel rooms are substantially different that rooms found in homes or other buildings. The confines of a typical hotel room create problems that must be addressed photographically. Atriums and and other large, enclosed spaces present other unique problems, not the least of which is light- we need a lot of it to really show off space. You may have indoor pools, conference rooms and other spaces that are unique to hotel photography.

We have plenty of experience overcoming these concerns, and making the best images for you. Of course, you may have special concerns or amenities you want to spotlight- an outdoor grill area, or small water park. We are here to help you realize those images in new and unique ways.

Basic Hotel Photography Pricing

Photography includes lobby, check-in area, rooms, dining areas, weight rooms, pools and other common areas as directed by you. Also includes twilight, drone/aerial photography and other specialty images as available.

Boutique Package
$950(starting at)
  • Budget Hotels, Boutique Spaces or Update Space
  • Up to 20 Images
  • Up to 3 Room Types
  • Twilight Shots NOT Included
  • Aerials As Needed
  • Half Day Onsite
Mid Size Package
$1950(starting at)
  • Mid-scale Hotels, or Specialty Properties
  • Up to 45 Images
  • Up to 6 Room Types
  • One Twilight Shot Included
  • Aerials As Needed
  • One Day Onsite
Resort Package
$2750(starting at)
  • Ideal for Luxury Hotels, Spas, & Suites Hotels
  • Full service Lifestyle images
  • Up to 8 Room Types
  • Four Twilight Image Included
  • Aerials As Needed
  • Two Days Onsite

Spa & Luxury Hotel Lifestyle Photography Rates

Available-light lifestyle images featuring talent enjoying the grounds, restaurants, services and amenities.

Basic Lifestyle
$1450(starting at)
  • 3-4 setups / 6-8 images
  • One day shoot
  • Model fees additional
In-Depth Lifestyle
$2200(starting at)
  • 6-8 setups / 10-16 images
  • Two day shoot
  • Model fees additional


Additional Charges

Please note that there may be additional charges that are not included in our base quote for your hotel photography. While we endeavor to quote as accurately as possible before the shoot, not all our time or costs may be known to us to accurately until the actual shoot. These additional fees may include travel, rush photo delivery, props, models, excessive clean-up or staging for property or excessive waiting for property to be photo ready.

Basic photo clean up in Photoshop is included in all delivered images. Advance Photoshopping- removal of cars, signs, people or items, stripping in alternate skys or backgrounds or additional manipulation- as directed by the client is additional, and will be billed separately after the photograph.

Please note that we expect the property to be photo-ready for the time you make your appointment for. We will work with you to make your property look as good as possible at the time of shooting.