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Utah Real Estate Photographer Commercial Aerial & Home Photography

How Can We Help You?

We offer a full line of services

Photo Packages

Get as many photos as you need for any house...
Aerial, indoor, exterior, HDR, Twilight- we do it all!

Video Packages

Nothing makes a property come alive like a video walk-through. Give your clients a video tour of your property & sell quick!

Award Winning

Over 10 years professional experience, we have won state and national awards including Best of State two years running....

Save YOUR Time

We take are of the process for you, and send you ready-to-use videos and images. Want your logo on the video- no problem!

What Makes Us Better....

than what you're doing now!

iPhone vs. A
Professional Camera

iPhones are great, and their cameras are incredibly awesome devices… for shooting portraits and daily life. But they are not set up or optimized for shooting interiors. They cannot shoot cleanly in low light or high contrast environments. But most of all, their field of view is not nearly wide enough. From the same position, I can shoot almost twice as wide.

Full Color

Windows turn blue; lights turn yellow. You’ve seen it in all the pictures you take. Can you fix it? We can!
Hot areas are brought down, and the dark areas are brightened- we use multiple exposures and flash to bring out all the detail and make everything like it looks to your eye…. not to your iPhone. Color is not just corrected, but enhanced. Contrast is tweaked to pop!

Straightening, Toning, and Window Pulls

Homes have windows, and the light outside is a lot higher than what we find in homes. We are experts in balancing these vastly different light levels; we can pull your beautiful views back in without losing the color and detail of your home. And look close- do you see any vertical lines bending or converging like with fish eye lens adapters? No, you don’t, and you never will….

iPhone Field of View vs. Professional Camera Field of View
(Shot from exactly the same position)

Raw, Uncolor-corrected Image vs. Color Corrected Image

Raw Shot vs. Final Corrected Image

Would you like to see a graphic representation of what a professional photographer adds to your listing? See our comparison of an iPhone and professional real estate shoot.

Why You Need Utah Real Estate Photography...

You may think that pictures are pictures, and in many cases that may be true. But Salt Lake is a market on fire, and the Wasatch Front is growing at a phenomenal rate. You need your property to stand out. Here are some facts about Utah real estate photography....

The NAR survey found that 24 percent of home buyers across the nation got their first glimpses of the home they bought online.

Further, the same NAR survey revealed that home buyers rated photographs as the most useful tool in their home search.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 83 percent of current home buyers use the Internet to research houses.

With the number of people moving to Utah from out of state, your pictures will be your first- maybe only!- point of contact.

Super hassle-free! One call (or e-mail) and we are on it. We take care of everything, and send you finished images- ready to post!

If you have no photos or your image quality is poor (too dark, unfocused, blurred or muddy), it can reflect poorly on your professionalism.

Photography is the central component of online home marketing, and the most important part of your online marketing plan.

Our Packages

Real Estate Photography and Videography Pricing

As our pictures suggest, we are an award-winning, premium-level photography company. Many of the high-end features others charge extra for are details we put in every shoot we do for free. What we do out of the box will surpass most other’s premium packages. Here’s what you get on every shoot:

  • All images shot by a two-time Best of State winning professional photographer
  • Your photographer is also your editor, so your special needs are seen to by the same person through the whole process
  • Magazine quality, natural looking images, not over processed HDR images
  • All images hand-color corrected
  • Aerial images included
  • All images squared and straightened
  • Overshoot by 20%, so YOU can choose the images to use
  • Fires & TV Screen images added by request
  • 2000px wide images, licensed for MLS, social and related websites

Pricing is simple too. All of our best, high-end photography, aerials, editing and compositing for MLS listings is all yours at $100 plus 7½ cents a square foot, with a 1000 sq ft minimum. We take care of everything else, and just send you the finished, MLS-ready images in 48 hours or less!

If our deluxe treatment is more than your current project needs, we offer a standard level photography package, too. Strictly HDR, the images are machine processed. With this more streamlined process, the can offer quality images with an even faster turn around, and without all the extras.

Schedule A Shoot!

We are ready to do the job for you, just give us a call. Or an e-mail. Just let us know when and where….

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Jen Greyson

Jen Greyson

Herriman, Utah

Dave was exceptional to work with. The photos were stunning and made a massive difference in the professionalism of our listing. They honestly made me want to buy my own house! Highly recommend Dave for any photography needs.

Chris Bachman

Chris Bachman

Project Director / ProClass Web Design

Wow! Professional photography sure makes a difference. This will up the quality of our websites tremendously, not to mention the increased credibility for the businesses. Thank you Dave!

Angela Scott

Angela Scott

Sandy, Utah

We are simply amazed by your talent. Thank you for accentuating the beauty in the house and finding the flattering angles and you gave us images that invoke a good understanding of the rooms features and possibilities. You do remarkable work! Thank you 100 times, truly!!! You took your time and really produced remarkable images, thanks!

William Kent

William Kent

Designer, Art DIrector / The Kent Studios

As an advertising Art Director, I have worked with a lot of professional photographers, including many who specialize in architectural photography. I have known the owner of R/E Photography SLC for a long time. His photos show a strong design sense and clear use of color. His experience as a photo journalist shows in his imagery. He will tell your story visually.

Pyper Jean

Pyper Jean

Sandy, Utah / Realtor

I am so very pleased with the job this company did for me that how could I not find a way to get the word out. Check out what he did for me.

Megan Smith

Megan Smith

Taylorsville, Utah

From start to finish Dave was great to work with. The project was easy to schedule, he arrived on time and had our pictures back very quickly and when promised....

Carrie Williams

Carrie Williams

Sandy, Utah / Williams Realty

This company may just have sold my listing! PROFESSIONAL, RESPECTFUL, CHARMING, KIND, TIMELY- Can't say enough how much I love these photos they took for this property.

Cara Nelson

Cara Nelson

Bennion, Utah

His work is alive and colorful, and we think makes quite an impression. SLC has a very active home market, but we also think it was Dave's pictures that got our house under contract the first day it hit the MLS.

Leighann G.

Leighann G.

Draper, Utah

We have been trying to sell our home for a little while and the comments we got back from other realtors was that our home lacked curbside appeal in the professional photographs we had done. R/E Photography SLC came and photographed our home and captured the charm that was lacking. Within minutes of sharing the photos and video with others, we had responses back about how great our home looked! Amazing pictures can make a world of difference in an internet driven real estate market!

Adam Mahas

Adam Mahas

Thanks. Our place already sold! 3 days on the market. I think good pictures helped!