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Virtual Staging with
CGI Furniture

Lets face it, hauling 3-5 rooms of furniture in- and then out- of a property for a photo shoot is a giant hassle. And that’s if you have the furniture to stage with.
With Virtual Staging, you don’t have to worry about design, and making it all look good together. Many people just settle for the blank-wall look. But now you don’t have to!

Full Color

Windows turn blue; lights turn yellow. You’ve seen it in all the pictures you take. Can you fix it? We can!
Hot areas are brought down, and the dark areas are brightened- we use multiple exposures and flash to bring out all the detail and make everything like it looks to your eye…. not to your iPhone. Color is not just corrected, but enhanced. Contrast is tweaked to pop!

Straightening, Toning, and Window Pulls

Homes have windows, and the light outside is a lot higher than what we find in homes. We are experts in balancing these vastly different light levels; we can pull your beautiful views back in without losing the color and detail of your home. And look close- do you see any vertical lines bending or converging like with fish eye lens adapters? No, you don’t, and you never will…

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Why You Need Utah Real Estate Photography...

Why You Need Utah Real Estate Photography...

You may think that pictures are pictures, and in many cases that may be true. But Salt Lake is a market on fire, and the Wasatch Front is growing at a phenomenal rate. You need your property to stand out. Here are some facts about Utah real estate photography....

Our Packages

Real Estate Photography and Videography Pricing

As our pictures suggest, we are an award-winning, premium-level photography company. Many of the high-end features others charge extra for are details we put in every shoot we do for free. What we do out of the box will surpass most other’s premium packages. And now we have added a full marketing package to make our Premium Level Photography Package even more of a no-brainer for real estate professionals or those needing to make their properties stand out with a polished presence with a minimum of fuss. Our new, fully customizable marketing kite is now included in our premium package- and at no additional cost to you! Here’s what you get on every shoot:

  •    All images shot by a four-time Best of State winning professional photographer
  •    Your photographer is also your editor, so your special needs are seen to by the same person through the whole process
  •    Magazine quality, natural looking images, not over processed HDR images
  •    All images hand-color corrected
  •    Aerial images included
  •    All images are hand squared and straightened
  •    Property Website included  –  –  – 
  •    Social Media Marketing Package  –  –  – 
  •    Customizable Flyers with your logo, picture and contact information  –  –  – 
  •    Teaser Videos (:30 sec, Facebook and Instagram formated)  –  –  – 
  •    Full Length Videos (Branded and unBranded, Easy upload to SLC MLS)  –  –  – 


Pricing for our real estate photography is simple too. All of our best, high-end photography, aerials, editing and compositing for MLS listings PLUS the full marketing kit is all yours at $199 plus 7 cents a square foot, with a 1000 sq ft minimum. We take care of everything else, and just send you the finished, MLS-ready images in 48 hours or less!

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We are one of Utah’s oldest and most respected real estate photography businesses. We got here because our business is build around two central ideals- great pictures and even better customer services.

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