There are a lot of photographers that service the Salt Lake area for Utah Home Real Estate photography. Some are giant companies that are headquartered out of town. Or maybe you want to just use that new iPhone 6s- after all, it has a good camera, right? And you look at our rates, and you think you can save some money by having your cousin Vinnie shoot some images. You are a professional, and you know the value of a professional service provided by someone with experience.

You don’t want your Utah Home Real Estate photography to stand out, you NEED it to stand above the competition. Your customer’s first introduction to your property will be through the Internet. And first impressions count! If you want to get noticed, you need to use images that stand out, and that grab attention. Run of the mill, standard pictures put you in the same boat as 100 other Realtors. When someone is scanning through hundreds of properties, they all blend together- so make you images pop with R\E Photography.

iPhone Picture

iPhone Picture

Here’s a pretty graphic look at what we can do for you. This is a full iPhone image with our camera in the same shot. As you can see, the iPhone does not get nearly the coverage our lenses do. You will see a lot more wall to the right of the sofa and the window to the left of the image on the back screen of my camera than you do in the iPhone image… and the iPhone is behind our camera!

River Oaks Golf Course Exterior

Our Finished Image

Here is our final image- compare it to the iPhone image. Its more than just wider in scope. The color is better. The light is balanced- no burnt out overblown highlights or dark pools of shadow. And the colors are bang on correct. But we do more than that- look how the walls (and the pictures on them!) are straight. And then there are the little things we can clean up- like the tags on the yellow throw pillows on the couch- we take those out to make your images the best they can possibly be.

We know our images speak for themselves. They stand out. They grabbed your attention, right? They will do the same to your customers. Put our pictures next to the ones you shot with your iPhone… there is a difference! But just taking the pictures is not enough- it is also the post processing we do. If you take your own pictures, you probably do no post processing at all. For us, that is half of our job. Take a look at what we do after we take your photos….

At R\E Photography, the person who shoots your pictures will be the person who edits your pictures. SO if you need something special, you just ask. You will get personal attention. You don’t have to hope that a photographer passes off your request to a photo editor across the US. At R\E Photography, you get personal attention.

To see samples of our current work, please visit our Real Estate Utah Home Photography Portfolio.

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