Twilight Interior

Hideaway in Hideaway

This set shows the level of imagery to expect when you invest in our high-end, luxury photography shoot. These powerful images reveal much more about the property and the character of the interiors than regular packages. Images like this do not just happen… they are crafted by professionals who have years of experience. We invest the time in finding and photographing those special moments when the character comes to life. You can not do that in a 1 or 2 hour shoot… you have to work the subject and spend time in the property and see when it looks it best. And you have to be there to it at that time. In fact, on this specific shoot, I reshot a bedroom when the light improved in the late afternoon.

This property took 10 hour to shoot to this level, and about double that in editing. This level of results are not fast or easy to make…. but they sure do pay off in the long term when your images look this good.

AirBnB Photography

Canyons AirBnB

If you want to know why AirBnB photography costs more than other photography, look at the images in this post. If you are paying 100, 200 or even 300 for your AirBnB images, you are lucky if they look as good as what you see on your local MLS.

This Rental took 5 hours to shoot. If you saw these images on AirBnB- compared to what you have up there now- where would YOU want to stay? More importantly, do your images inspire you to pay a premium to stay at your property? It’s not just showing your space, its creating a mood and a feeling. Its about being inviting…

It’s all about upping your game.

Moab Cabana Photography

Moab Cabana

These are for a cabana at a Moab RV park. We did a series for this company of all their parks across the Southwest. This place appealed to me the most- just thought it was a beautiful space.

Park Avenue AirBnB

Park City is a super competitive vacation rental market. I just did a quick search for availability there, and not much on the first page of the search stood out. Next month, when this apartment hits the AirBnB, it will definitely stand out in the images that are there now!

Please, look through these images, and ask yourself, are they a step up from what you have? Would you want to stay here? And do these stand out over the generic images you see for Park City AirBnB’s online?

Standing out, creating a mood and inviting customers in is what you pay a good photographer to do. And when you do that, you can charge more for your rental…. and you can book more days rented!

Luxury Sundance Custom Home

This Luxury Sundance Custom Home is a one of a kind treat. There are few places in the American West that can match the views from this home. Nestled high within a gated community, this home has the most spectacular views of Stuart Falls and Mount Timpanogos that you can find within Sundance Mountain Resort. Only minutes from the ski run and seconds away from miles and miles of nature trails, this property is sure to fuel your imagination and reinvigorate your life. The home boasts nearly seven thousand square feet of livable space and is ideal for entertaining with a huge open family room, kitchen and dining area that all walk out to a massive deck. The home has been recently updated and is sold fully furnished. Call today and we can go sit on the deck, enjoy the views, and talk about the home. Full buyer commission paid to cooperating agents.

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Prospector Square AirBnB

At the opposite end of our AirBnB work this is probably the smallest vacation rental we have shot. Coming in at a mere 250 sq ft, we are still able to make this property box above it’s weight class. We delivered 35 total images on this property- just think what we can do for you!