We pride ourselves on high quality videos that show off your property and make you look professional. This is not a static slide show of images from your home, but full-blown, purpose-shot video with motion, aerials, logos and contact information. We use licensed music, so there are no issues regarding any copyright.

We offer a wide variety of video formats for your property. And, frankly, it is a bit confusing. So please let us go through the various formats we offer, and help you find the format of video that is perfect for your needs and property.

Photo-Motion Tours

Let’s start with the basic option we offer. All of our deluxe-level photo shoots include Photo Motion tours of your property, and at no extra charge! These are tours based on the images we shoot for you. They are not really video, but that is how many people refer to them. “Motion” is created by digitally moving into and across the full frame image in a process often referred to as the “Ken Burns” process. This can be posted to your website, the MLS, or anywhere you have a presence. We even have short versions of these available and edited for social media.

Here is a sample:

Video Options

With your purchase of a Media Package for your property, you also have the choice of a short video tour or a a reel. Both options will help you, but in different ways. You would need to decide what way your marketing goes, and decide (before the shoot) which option you want.


These are videos specifically shot to promote your property on social media, specifically Instagram. They are shot in a vertical format (and this not interchangeable with the short video tours). When you post this to your Insta account, you can add any number of music bits, as well as graphics, stickers and other text call outs. Studies have shown an incredible increase in reach and visibility with the use of videos in Reels and Stories on Instagram over the use of just photo posts. Videos are limited to :30 seconds, and will include 3-4 rooms and an exterior on average, so just an overview of the property. We provide one edited reel in our Media package (or one Short Video Tour).

Here is a sample:

Short Video Tour

This option is a bit more like what you are probably used to. Standard format video with (licensed) music added. Graphics- your name, brokerage, contact info, address and logo- can be added if supplied before the shoot. Usually less than 1:30 in length. This- or one Reel- is included in our Media package.

Here is a sample:

Long Video Tour

Take the short video and lengthen it. This will show most rooms in the home, along with additional detail shots. Again, graphics- your name, brokerage, contact info, address and logo- can be added if supplied before the shoot. Usually 2-3 minutes in length. This video is included in our Full Marketing package.

Here is a sample:

Deluxe Video Tour

Take the Long Video Tour and increase the quality. These will usually take a day to shoot, just by themselves; when combined with a Lux photo package, you are looking at two days on site to capture the whole property. What makes these stand above the rest is not just using a full quality video camera to source the footage, but we also have (and take!) the time to shoot each room when the light it best for that room. This will show most rooms in the home, along with additional detail shots. Usually 2-3 minutes in length, though they can go as long as needed. Deluxe Video Tours are quoted on an one-off pricing system, based on your needs and the requirements of the job.

Here is a sample:


We offer many different options for video. Our basic video is about a minute in length, and is just exterior video of your home. This does include aerial video and music, along with your logo and contact information.

Our standard package for a video features the exterior and interior of your home, and is substantially longer in duration. Usually 3-4 minutes. From there we can add narration, hosting, higher resolution and much more. For higher-end videos, we feature Ronin steady cam gimbal mounts and a Sony A7S. Our main videographer has been shooting news and telling stories for over 20 years, and has over 15 Emmy’s to his credits.

Because of the many different options available, we quote our videos after we discuss your needs with you, and tailor a package to exactly what you need.

We can focus on the parts of as home that make it stand out…

Or make a feel-good video for your brand…

Finally, we combine it all for you- photography, video, aerials and twilight photography. You will have every visual tool you need at your disposal.

Do you want something different? Do you want to host your own walking tour through the home… or have a narrator accompany the video? We can work with you on these projects too, on a custom basic. Please contact us for a more thorough quote.

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