My Fourth PFRE Photographer of the Month Award!

Celebrating a Glorious Triumph: My Fourth PFRE Photographer of the Month Award!

It’s always a thrilling moment when your work is acknowledged, and this time, it’s truly an honor to win the PFRE Photographer of the Month! My photograph, capturing the delicate beauty of fresh flowers on a pine wood table bathed in natural light, was proudly selected as the “Best of the Month” for May by PFRE in their Detail Shot category. This marks my fourth win for this prestigious award, and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited.

PFRE Photographer of the Month

PFRE Photographer of the Month

The Winning Shot: An Ode to Natural Light

The image, created with a shallow depth of field, highlights the fresh flowers on the table, with an inviting view of the outdoors in the background. The out-of-focus trees, dressed in vibrant yellow, create a stunning bokeh effect, emphasizing the flowers’ details and the warmth of the scene. This shot is a testament to my belief that natural light is the key to creating beautiful, timeless photographs.

The Art of Capturing Light

For this shot, I let the natural light do the magic. The soft illumination from the outside gently caressed the flowers, creating an interplay of light and shadow that brought out the textures and colors in a way artificial light could never replicate. Shooting for the light, I focused on how it could transform a simple composition into something extraordinary.

A Journey of Recognition as PFRE Photographer of the Month

Winning this award for the fourth time is a milestone that holds special significance for me. It reflects my ongoing commitment to excellence and my passion for capturing the world through my lens. PFRE (Photography for Real Estate) has been a cornerstone in my journey, providing a platform that celebrates both emerging and seasoned photographers. Their monthly contests are a highlight, offering an opportunity to showcase one’s work on a global stage.

A Testament to Dedication

In the past year, I’ve been honored with the monthly contest title multiple times. These accolades are not just personal victories but also a testament to the unparalleled quality and experience that R/E Media offers. Being the only photographer from Utah to have won this distinction- much less four times- is a proud moment, setting a precedent in the state’s photography community.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to PFRE Photographer of the Month for this recognition and to everyone who has supported and believed in my work. Each award is a reminder of why I love what I do and motivates me to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity and excellence. Here’s to many more such collaborations and stories told through the lens!

Thank you for celebrating this journey with me. Let’s keep capturing the beauty around us, one photograph at a time.  If you are ready to step up your Real Estate photography, it’s time to contact us!

Full PFRE PotM Article for May

Full PFRE PotM Article for May

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