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All photos produced for the agent may be used by that agent for all marketing associated with the current sale of the photographed property in accordance with local MLS rules. Please note that the photos (video) will be copyrighted by R\E Media UTAH. A license is granted only to the agent and their MLS and NOT to any other party. Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by R\E Media UTAH.

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At The Shoot

Any pictures beyond the scope of real estate photography will not be shot during a real estate session. If you need a head shot, I would be happy to schedule a time for that in a studio, not at a location while I am on a job. I do not carry the necessary lighting equipment when shooting a home to also shoot portraits.

We expect the property to be photo-ready for the time you set your appointment for. If a shoot is postponed by The Client with less than 24 hours notice, we will access a 75 dollar fee in addition to the shoot fees. If we arrive at the location and we must wait longer than 1/2 hour (30 minutes) after that set time for it to be prepared (or to be let into the property), we add a 25% fee; if we must wait an hour, 50%; two hours or longer, or if the shoot is entirely canceled, a 100% fee will be assessed. We reserve the exclusive right to kill the shoot after one hour or more of waiting on site, at our sole discretion. Late or cancel/kill fees must be paid in full before new date will be scheduled.

The Client is responsible for the presence of an authorized representative at the shoot to approve and/or direct R\E Media UTAH’s interpretation of the project. If a Client or Brokerage representative is not present and no written directions are given The Photographer, in all cases The Photographer’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable and final. The Photographer will make a reasonable effort to remove litter, stray objects, etc. from the rooms and property; however this does not include expecting The Photographer to making beds, move furniture or personal items, or any sort of cleaning. The Client is expected to have the property staging and cleaning completed prior to the photo shoot; if after the completed shoot the client determines a reshoot is required because of the properties lack of readiness, that second shoot will be billed at our full rate. If The Photographer is kept waiting or asked to return to bring the property to a state of readiness, additional charges as outlined on our site will apply.

While proofs or images may be released to the client before final payment is made, your license to use the images in any way other than for final approval is not in force until final payment is made. Any use by the client prior to final payment is not allowed unless prior arraignments have been made.

Full contract terms are available here. These terms are binding on both parties at time of hiring R/E Photography UTAH, so please be sure to read and understand these terms because they cover your rights with regard to this shoot and your use of the photographs taken in this shoot.


We invoice upon delivery of images. We accept payment via Cash, Check, Paypal, Venmo, Bitcoin and most major credit cards.

Venmo: @davekoch
Bitcoin: 14c9ZVidwbBiGEm18JCkXid8Rhnktkk9vZ

I can send an e-invoice to you that is secure for online Credit Card payment- just let me know!

Invoice is due and payable on receipt. Unless other and prior arraignments are made, we consider invoices overdue at 30 days, and grossly overdue at 60. Invoices overdue after 60 days will be charged an additional 1 ½ percent interest per month from day 61, compounded monthly or part thereof for each 30 day period overdue, backdated to invoice date. Additionally, licensing of images may be suspended if accounts are grossly overdue, and client may be charged additional usage fees if images are used.