Real Estate Photography Pricing

You will want to know about our Real Estate Photography Pricing for the variety of photo package customizations we offer, so you can get exactly what you- and the property- needs. If you do not see exactly what you want, let us know. We are always happy to accommodate what you need from your photographer. We are here to work for you!

Photography Pricing

Premium Level Photography Pricing

We are a premium-level photography company, so many of the high-end features others charge extra for, we include in our base premium-level service. What we do out of the box will top most others premium packages. Here’s what you get without even asking:
  •    All images shot by a five-time Best of State winning professional photographer
  •    Your photographer is also your editor; your special needs are taken care of
  •    Magazine quality, natural looking images, not over processed HDR images
  •    All images hand-color corrected
  •    Aerial images included
  •    All images squared and straightened
  •    Overshoot by 20%, so YOU can choose the images to use
  •    Fires & TV Screen images added by request
  •    2000px wide images, licensed for MLS, social and related websites
  •    5000px wide images, licensed for Print, Brochures and other off-line advertising
But that's not all. We have added a full marketing package to make our Premium Level Photography Package even more of a no-brainer for real estate professionals, or those needing to make their properties stand out with a polished presence with a minimum of fuss. Our new, fully customizable marketing package includes all this- and at no additional cost to you:  
  •    Image Downloads at multiple resolutions
  •    Branded (and unBranded) Web Site for Property  -  -  - 
  •    Customizable Flyers with your logo, picture and contact information  -  -  - 
  •    Social Media Flyer Tiles cropped for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  -  -  - 
  •    Templates include "Just Listed", "New on Market", "Open House" and "Sold"  -   -  - 
  •    Facebook and Pintrest optimized Photo Mosaics  -  -  - 
  •    Teaser Videos (:30 sec, Facebook and Instagram formated)  -  -  - 
  •    Full Length Videos (Branded and unBranded, Easy upload to SLC MLS)  -  -  - 
  Pricing is simple too. All of our best, high-end photography, aerials, editing and compositing for MLS listings PLUS the full marketing kit is all yours at $175 plus 5 cents a square foot, with a 1000 sq ft minimum. We take care of everything else, and just send you the finished, MLS-ready images in 48 hours or less!

Standard Level Photography

If our deluxe treatment is more than your current project needs, we offer a standard level photography package, too. There are no frills, no extras, and it is a strictly HDR set of pictures, the images are machine processed. With this more streamlined process, the can offer quality images with an even faster turn around, and without all the extras.   Pricing for our Standard Level:
1-2 Bedroom
3-4 Bedroom
5+ Bedroom

3D Virtual Home Tours

The 3D, 360-degree Virtual Home Tours have been around almost as long as the internet. You have probably seen some, and maybe you didn’t like them. Up until recently, the images were poor quality and the navigation was clunky. But technology has changed- has advanced…. and then there is that Coronavirus. No one wants to go out and risk exposure when they can self-guide their own tour from the safety of their own home.

Our Matterport shoot can be purchased as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with our other packages. We charge $100 per 1000 sq. ft. of property for our Matterport 3D Virtual Home Tours. Your tour is hosted free for the first three months; additional hosting after 90 days is $15/month, $60/6 months or $100/year, payable in advance. (Once hosting has lapsed, the tour is gone.)

Click here to see example 3D Virtual Home Tours

Does it make your head hurt when you try to compare HDR to Deluxe Package and the photography pricing in our system. Sorry! Ok, we admit it- having the two levels of photography packages is rather confusing. We really see to levels of demand though- a quick, dirty and inexpensive client, and those that want top-of-the-line photography. And if you stop right there, that should tell you right away which way you will want to go.

But for a little more exacting look at what we offer, we have made this chart. To be sure, you can get anything you want, any combination of services. But these are our bundled packages... and a response to what we get asked for most. I hope this helps! :) Remember- if you want something specific, or à la carte , just ask!


Compare HDR to Deluxe Package Table

  Basic Photography   High Quality Real Estate Photography
  HDR Photography   Deluxe Real Estate   Commercial / AirBnB
Based on # of bedrooms
Plus 5 cents per sq ft
Plus 8 cents per sq ft
  Number of Images
Number of Images 20-30 At least 2 per room At least 2 per room
License MLS only / 1 Year / Non-transferable MLS only / 1 Year / Non-transferable Open / 3 Year / Transferable
  Color Correction
Color Correction Computer Auto Correct Individually Hand-Corrected Individually Hand-Corrected
  360 Tours
360 Tours $125 / 1000 sq ft $100 / 1000 sq ft Call
  Turn Around Time- Max Times Guaranteed RUSH available
Turn Around Time
Max Times Guaranteed RUSH available
24 hours from shoot Next day by 6 PM One Week
  JPG's Delivered via Web
JPG's via the Web Yes Yes Yes
  Hand square & straighten
Hand square & straighten Yes Yes Yes
  Book / Pay Online
Book / Pay Online Yes Yes Yes
  Includes Aerials
Includes Aerials No Yes Yes
  Fire & TV Photoshop
Fire & TV Photoshop
(by request)
No Yes Yes
  Multi-Resolution Images
Multi Res Images No Yes Yes
  Branded / unBranded Property Website
Property Website No Yes No
  Customizable Flyers
Custom Flyers No Yes No
Custom Ad Templates No Yes No
  Facebook / Pintrest Photo Mosaics
Social Media Mosaics No Yes No
  Teaser Videos
Teaser Videos No Yes No
  "Kern Burna" Style Videos
"Kern Burna" Style Videos No Yes No
  >Advanced Photoshopping
Advanced Photoshopping Yes / Additional Fee Yes / Additional Fee Yes / Additional Fee
  >Twilight Shots
Twilight Shots $150 / Three Images $150 / Three Images $150 / Three Images
  Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging $49.95 / Image $49.95 / Image $49.95 / Image

So What's The Diff?

Obviously, if you only need a basic-level photography package, then the Standard Level Photography is where you should be at. But if you need higher-levels of quality, or want all the extras including video tours and a marketing package, then the Premium Level Photography package is where you need to be.


But what is the difference in quality? If you do not know what "HDR" or "hand processed" means in terms of quality, here are some head-to-head comparisons. Slide to the right for our Standard HDR Processing and to the left to see examples of the Premium-level Processing.



So what are you seeing? Colors are not quite as pure or clean as in the HDR images. Windows are not overblown, but you cant really see the views, either. Contrasts are just not as sharp, and the images do not pop as much. This may be fine for some homes; for others, you will want the perfect colors, the crisp contrast, the white ceilings and the attention to detail you get when each image is hand processed. Regardless of which level you choose, you still get my 30-plus experience making award winning images, and my dynamic framing of your home.



Ready to Go?

Let's Make Some Incredible Images Together....


Let us know when you need us, and where. We’ll be right over!


Add On Tours

Our online tours are a professional and polished online centerpiece for your property. Available with or without a video component, this is an excellent way to set up your online presence in our base image packages, as it includes links to you, your website, all your contact information and is SEO tuned to make the most of those links back to you. Here is a sample property tour for you to see how these look on a real property. This is included FREE with every Premium Photography Package!  
Base Tour
  • “Overview” web page
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Photo Tour Page
  • Realtor Contact Links
  • Fully responsive
  • Fully Hosted with easy SEO-friendly links & QR codes
Tour Plus
  • Base Tour PLUS:
  • HTML 5 Based Video
  • Branded & MLS-Compliant
  • Detailed Tour Statistics
  • Full Marketing Package
  • This is included FREE with Premium Package


Special flourishes you can add to your packages to personalize your property presentation. Rush Processing (less than 24 hours): $75.00 Rush Processing (same day): $150.00 Twilight Pictures: $150.00 (3 images) Advanced Photoshopping: $125.00/hr Virtual Staging: $49.95/Image Aerial Video (raw): $129.95 Aerial Video (incl. editing): $169.95 Reschedule fee (less than 24 hours notice): $ 75.00 Reschedule fee (no notice): $ 75.00 + half quote

Pricing Disclaimer

All Real Estate Photography Pricing is current as of May 2020, but is subject to change without notice. Our real estate photography services are based on a rate of $125.00 per hour. A basic photo shoot from start to finish, which includes photographing the home and processing your images averages 2.5 hours, exclusive of travel time. Travel fees may apply for listings 30 minutes or more from Murray/Salt Lake City (mileage calculated by Google Maps most direct route.) Please note that our packages reflect a price well below what we would charge on our hourly rate.